• 1500w 3000rpm AC Servo System EtherCAT Bus Type
  • 1500w 3000rpm AC Servo System EtherCAT Bus Type
1500w 3000rpm AC Servo System EtherCAT Bus Type

1500w 3000rpm AC Servo System EtherCAT Bus Type

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Vector
Certification: CE
Model Number: VEC-VC-00623HC-M-E / 110MB-1R530A23F-MF2

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 kit
Price: To Be Discussed
Packaging Details: 280*208*78mm
Delivery Time: 3-5 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C
Supply Ability: 500 kits/month
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Detail Information

Voltage: 220V Power: 1.5 KW
Rated Current: 6 A Rated Speed: 3000 Rpm
Rated Torgue: 5Nm Phase: 3 Phase
Motor Flange Size: 130mm Communication Protocols: Modbus/CANopen/EtherCAT
Encoder: 2500 Pulse Incremental Hall Encoder Application: Printingmachine
High Light:

1500w AC Servo System


3000rpm AC Servo System


3000rpm AC Servo Pack

Product Description

EtherCAT Bus Type AC Servopack 1500w Servo Driver And 3000rpm Servo Motor


More Flexible, More Accurate

Servo Drive + Servo Motor

Power Covers 200W-110KW

Single/Three Phase 220V/380V

Modbus / CanOpen / EtherCAT

Location, Speed and Torque Control Mode

2500 line incremental + Hall encoder; 2500 line incremental; 17/23 bit Tamagawa absolute encoder;
24 bit Nikon absolute encoder


Products Description


Products AC Servopack
Brand Vector
Model No. VEC-VC-00623HC-M-E / 110MB-1R530A23F-MF2
Power 1.5KW
Voltage 220V
Phase Three Phase
Rated Speed 3000 rpm
Rated Current 6A
Rated Torgue 5Nm
Communication Protocols CANopen/EtherCAT
Encoder 2500 line incremental + Hall encoder; 



Servo Drive Description- Detaails about a Servo Drive, how to select the Servo drive model and do installation?


● Install the driver on a dry and sturdy platform. Maintain good ventilation and

heat dissipation during installation and maintain good grounding.

● Please install in the specified direction to avoid malfunction.

● When installing, please ensure that the servo driver is kept at a specified

distance from the inner surface of the cabinet and other machines, otherwise it may cause fire or malfunction.

1500w 3000rpm AC Servo System EtherCAT Bus Type 0


Atmospheric Pressure 86~106kPa
Mbient Humidity 0~55℃
Ambient Temperature 0~90%RH
IP Rating IP20
Vibration 0~4.9m/s^2


● When installing, do not block the suction and exhaust ports, and do not allow foreign objects inside the

product to enter, otherwise it may cause malfunction or fire due to aging of internal components.

● Do not place heavy objects on or under this product as this may result in injury.

● Please install in the following environment:

1.places without direct sunlight;

2.Locations where the ambient temperature is in the range of 0 ° C to 55 ° C;

3.Relative humidity in the range of 0% to 95%, and no condensation;

4.Locations free of water droplets, vapors, dust and oily dust;

5.Locations where there is no high heat device;

6.Non-corrosive, flammable gas and liquid sites;

7.It is not easy to splash water, oil and medicine;

8.places that are not exposed to radioactive radiation;

9.Strong and vibration-free places;

10.Locations where there is no electromagnetic noise interference.


Wiring precautions

● It is recommended not to use single-phase 220V for main power supply,

which may cause damage to electrolytic capacitor due to lack of phase.

● Do not change the wiring during power-on, otherwise it may cause electric

shock or injury.

● Please perform wiring or inspection by professional technicians, otherwise it

may cause electric shock or product failure.

● Please carefully confirm the wiring and power supply. The output circuit

may be short-circuited due to wiring errors or application of different voltages. The brake does not operate

when the above fault occurs, which may result in mechanical damage or personal injury.

● Do not connect the input power cable to the U, V, and W terminals of the

drive. Otherwise, the servo driver will be damaged.

● When wiring, do not pass the power cable and signal cable through the same pipe, and do not bundle

them together. The distance between the two should be more than 30cm to avoid interference.

● The driver ground terminal must be grounded to avoid leakage and reduce the interference of the system,

and the diameter of the ground wire should be the same as or above the power supply line.

● When connecting the AC power supply and DC power supply to the servo unit, connect to the specified

terminal. Failure to do so may result in malfunction or fire.

● For the wiring length, the command input line is up to 3m and the encoder line is up to 20m.

● Use a twisted-pair shielded cable for the signal cable and encoder cable,

and ground the shield with a single end.

●The U, V, W terminals of the driver and the U, V, and W terminals of the motor should be connected one

by one according to the name. If it is wrong connected, the motor cannot operate normally.

● Common DC bus products require pressure sensitive resistors and the wiring is secure.

● Please check the power after the power is off for at least 5 minutes. Even if

the power is turned off, high voltage may remain inside the servo drive. Therefore, do not touch the power

terminal within 5 minutes after the power is turned off, otherwise it may cause electric shock.

● Do not turn the power ON/OFF frequently. When it is necessary to

continuously turn ON/OFF the power, please control it once or less in 1 minute. Since the power supply section

of the servo driver has a capacitor, a large charging current (charge time of 0.2 seconds) flows during the ON/OFF

power supply. Therefore, if the power is turned ON/OFF frequently, the performance of the main circuit components

inside the servo driver will be degraded.

● Do not apply power when the terminal block screws are loose or the cable is

loose. Otherwise, it may cause fire.

● Take appropriate shielding measures in the following locations, otherwise

the machine may be damaged:

1. Locations that cause interference due to static electricity;

2. A place that produces a strong electric field or a strong magnetic field;

3. Locations where there may be radiation radiation;

4. A place with a power cord nearby.


Operating precautions

● in the test operation, in order to prevent accidents, please test the servo motor with no load (not connected to the

driver shaft), otherwise it may cause injury.

● when starting to operate on the supporting machine, set the user parameters that match the machine in advance.

If you start operation without parameter setting, it may cause mechanical loss or malfunction.

● to avoid accidents, install a limit switch or a stopper at the end of the movable part of the machine, otherwise it will

cause mechanical damage or injury.

● do not make extreme changes to the parameter settings, as this may result in

unstable operation, mechanical damage or injury.

●when the power is turned on or the power supply is cut off, the heat sink of the servo driver, external braking resistor,

motor, etc. may be in a high temperature state. Do not touch it, otherwise it may cause burns.

● when using a servo motor on the vertical axis, set a safety device to prevent the work piece from falling under alarm,

over travel, etc. In addition, please perform the servo lock stop setting when an over travel occurs, otherwise the work

piece may fall in the over travel condition.

● do not enter the operating range of the machine during operation, otherwise it will cause injury.

● do not touch the servo motor or the movable part of the machine during

operation, otherwise it will cause injury.

● please set up the safety system to ensure safety even in the event of a signal

line breakage. For example, when the positive over travel switch (P-OT) and negative over travel switch (N-OT) signals

are disconnected at the factory setting, they operate safely.

● be sure to set the servo OFF state when turning off the power.

● do not turn the power on/off frequently. After the actual operation starts, the power ON/OFF interval should be more

than 1 hour, otherwise the components inside the servo unit will be prematurely aged.

●when an alarm occurs, reset the alarm after the cause is removed and ensure

safety, and restart the operation, otherwise it may cause injury.

● do not use the brake of the brake motor for normal braking, otherwise it may

cause a malfunction.




  Accessory name Image  
Satandard Spare Parts Power terminal 1500w 3000rpm AC Servo System EtherCAT Bus Type 1 Adapt to E1,E2 structure drive
Cn3 encoder plug Encoder plug on the driver side
Cn4 control terminal plug Input/output signal terminals,user wiring
Encoder connection line The standard cable length is 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15 meters, according to customer
needs Provide independent connector
Power line The standard cable length is 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15 meters, according to customer
needs Provide independent connector
Drive monitoring line Connect and adjust the software for remote monitoring and firmware update
Purchasing Spare Parts USB to RS232 Adapter cable If necessary, self purchase
Ethernet communication line If necessary, self purchase



1. CE (EU Safety Standard);
2. IEC/EN61800-5-1:2007 (Safety requirements for electrical, thermal and energy in Section 5-1 of the variable

speed electric driver system), corresponding to the national standard GB12668.501-2013;

3, IEC / EN61800-3: 2004 + A1 (speed control electric driver system part 3 electromagnetic compatibility standards

and its specific test methods), corresponding to the national standard GB12668.3-2012.

1500w 3000rpm AC Servo System EtherCAT Bus Type 2


Other Questions:

Q1. How to select the suitable model?
A: Please confirm your requirements for Rated Power, Current, Voltage,

Torque and select the suitable model based our model list;


Q2. How to set the programming system?
A: Our Servo drive support the Global Communication protocols: Modbus/CANopen/EtherCAT,

Please Just make the programming follow your experiences;


Q3. What's the power range about our servo system?
A: Our Power range covers 0.2-110KW, reach your requirements;


Q4. What's the encoder feedback interfaces we using?
A: We have multiple Encoder feedback interfaces, like : incremental/wire-saving encoder,

17-bit/23-bit/24-bit absolute encoder, resolver encoder, etc.


Payment Terms
Samples: 100% before delivery by Western Union.
Bulk Orders: 30% deposit, 70% before shipping by T/T or Western Union.
Production Time
Small orders 3-5 work days
Production capacity can reach 1000 kits per month.





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